iSmart Protection

Recommended as Best of Breed – an investment worth making!

If you pay anything for your iDevice repair, you’re paying too much!

iQue Repair, a leader in iDevice protection and repair, released its iSmart Protection Plan earlier this year as an extended warranty plan for Apple® mobile devices, including iPhones®, iPads® and iPods®.

Now, they’ve released another plan called iSmart EliteTM that not only responds to significant feedback from Apple® consumers and companies seeking changes in the way their investments are protected. iSmart EliteTM exceeds all expectations by offering a NO DEDUCTIBLE plan with UNLIMITED REPAIRS. This type of plan is unheard of in the repair industry.


This new kind of thinking is what consumers are hungry for; a mobile device extended warranty service focused on UNLIMITED REPAIRS and NO DEDUCTIBLES is revolutionary. The folks at iQue Repair, sponsors and iSmart service providers, would rather you consider repair options first before you are forced into costly replacements, device upgrades, and extended contracts.

This new plan represents a major paradigm shift in extended warranty thinking from repair to replacement and there is no other plan like it in the world that has a no deductible, unlimited repairs. Below is a comparison between several leading warranty programs and iSmart ProtectionTM.

Compare for yourselves and save incredible resources on individual, family, group and corporate accounts!

iSmart Protection Plan Comparison

iSmart ProtectionTM and iSmart EliteTM Plans are available Nationwide. Remember, in today’s stressed economical times… Think Repair, Not Replace. Think iSmart!


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